The knowledge you need to have before playing poker

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Poker is a very complex game. it requires a huge amount of knowledge and a lot of experience. Only by spending an uncounted number of hours of your free time, you will be able to get at least minimal satisfaction from your own achievements and results. Every new player should understand that a huge distance separates him from a successful professional, and its overcoming will be a difficult task, which not everyone will succeed in.
Each pro can tell about that there is exists the whole set of different aspects of poker, but very few people are ready to tell about them more deeply because this knowledge is a secret. In the process of gaining experience and a deeper mastering of the game, the poker player will determine its own nuances in it, which will be supported at the poker table. In this article, I will discuss with you the most important aspect of poker. This aspect is that the game must be conscious.
The game must be conscious
In order for poker not to become a waste of time, nerves and money, it is necessary to have a fully conscious approach to it.
This is a very big aspect, and it includes many nuances and subtleties.
By starting a game, you should only be in good physical shape and a stable emotional state. If a poker player feels that he cannot concentrate on the games, then it is better to stop playing.
It is necessary to develop an optimal strategy for yourself and follow it, correcting actions by flexible tactics. Chaotic decision making and acting by intuition will not bring positive results.
Mathematics is the basis of poker, so such subtleties of poker as probabilities of getting outs, mathematical expectation, variances, and other need not only to be known but to understand how they affect the game.
Psychology is a no less important aspect in poker than mathematics. You do not need to be a certified psychologist, but knowing the basics will not only manage your own emotions and behavior but also manipulate your opponents because bluffing is an important part of poker.