The most important thing in poker

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Many new poker players assume that there is a certain secret, which helps professionals to earn huge money. Therefore, each newcomer wants to find out what is most important in poker, what is behind the success and big wins.
If you ask this question to a professional poker player, then the answers are unlikely to be the same, since each player has a unique point from which he pushes away his own strategy of the game. It follows from this that the basis of a successful game is not one important factor, but a whole set of points, which are the same important.
The role of luck
Every experienced poker player will confirm that the luck factor can only matter for a short period. However, poker is a game in which the long-term perspective plays a role; therefore, a player must always rely on his knowledge and abilities, not relying on luck.
Just try to understand that one day of the game consists of 90% of luck and only 10% of skills, but when it comes to a year, everything changes with exactly the opposite. Therefore, the opinion that the main thing in poker is luck is wrong. Only new players think so.
Luck is important only when it comes to the periods of upstream and downstream, which are uncontrollable periods of different lengths.
In this case, the sequence of different victories or losses does not depend on the efforts or strategic decisions of a poker player. There are separate recommendations for such periods because they can have a very negative impact on the emotional state of a gamer, affecting the size of his bankroll.
Whatever the attitude of the authorities in some countries to this discipline, it is undoubtedly an intellectual sport in which only players with solid knowledge and skills can reach heights. Without them, you cannot count on a positive result for a long time.
In order to receive a stable income from poker, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and for the study of all aspects on which the game is based.
Players have plenty of opportunities for this:
Specialized literature.
Video materials.
Training in poker schools with coaches.
Regular practice at the poker room tables.