Why do professionals like to play against new players

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Conventionally, players of poker can be divided into two categories: regulars and simple players. In the first case, we are talking about poker players, for whom poker is a way of earning, both basic income or additional. The second category is typical players, who refer to the game as entertainment.
Recently, there has been a noticeable upward trend in relation to weak players, so offensive fiction jargon has gradually disappeared from the use of poker players, being replaced by ones that are more loyal. So, today, an amateur player in poker is just a simple player.
Perhaps avoiding offensive names, players increase the level of communication culture.
Maybe the whole thing is that a new problem is showing in the poker environment. The problem is that the number of poker players of a weak level decreases, which reduces the possibility of easy money for regulars.
Why do professional poker players look for such simple players?
It is not a secret that many regulars simply earn money by playing with new players. It is enough to find a table with a suitable contingent of players in order to earn enough money without much effort and work. Even the richest players resort to such methods from time to time, however, it should be noted that the amateur-level audience decreases with increasing limits, therefore, mostly simple poker players play at low and medium limits. Sometimes such players start playing at the expensive tables, but it is harder to find them in a few times.
Monitoring the users of the poker rooms will allow you to find weak opponents and join the game with them. However, you should not think that all amateurs are weak opponents who exist only to “feed” regulars. There are many examples in poker when unknown newcomers outplayed professionals. This means only one thing. Among the new poker players, there are gifted personalities who are able to realize themselves at a high level.
However, I do not recommend you to try to get easy money playing with new players.